Lucy Liu and Jon Michael Hill on Jonny

16. srpna 2013 v 13:37 | elementary-cz |  ☕ články
"Jonny is hilarious to work with. He has tonnes of jokes and a wicked sense of humour. And what people might not know is he is also a really great cook. He has made some fantastic meals for me. He makes an absolute killer bolognese. He's very talented." For Liu, messy, flawed and mysterious is proving a successful recipe." - Lucy Liu

"I was taken by how gritty Jonny, as the choice for Sherlock, was; he's great. His workload is really incredible; I've never seen anything like it. He not only manages to get it all memorised but he brings something unique and specific. He's also just a very funny guy. He's a lot of fun to work with." - Jon Michael Hill

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