Elementary Writers: Na co se můžeme těšit

16. srpna 2013 v 14:54 | elementary-cz |  ☕ druhá série
Season Two Spoiler: Alfredo opens a shoe store that specializes in summer fashions for German citizens. It's called "A Sandal in Bohemia."

Season Two Spoiler: Sherlock is drafted by the Yankees as a DH after a video of him stopping a mugging with a single stick goes viral. As a Mets fan, Joan is not pleased.

Season Two Spoiler: Gregson IS Bell.

Season Two Spoiler: Bell solves the murder of Williamsburg hipster and writes a book about it. The book is called: "Death by Skinny Jeans."

Season Two Spoiler: Holmes and Watson enter a doubles tennis tournament, but lose the championship match to the lemurs from the season finale.

Season Two Spoiler: Clyde the Turtle opens a bicycle shop that sells exclusively to newlyweds. It's called "Clyde's Bride Rides."

Season Two Spoiler: Watson is actually a space robot.


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